Rome 1960


5,348 athletes (610 women) from 83 nations met in the Italian capital (August 25 - September 11). 74 Olympic and 27 World records are broken.
The wrestling team brought a pile of medals: Dimitar Dobrev as a champion, silver for Kralyo Bimbalov, Nejdet Zalev, Stancho Kolev, bronze for Dinko Petrov and Enyo Valchev. For the first time another sport added to the basket of medals - gymnast Velik Kapsazov won bronze at the rings.
Again most medals went to the USSR - 103 (43 gold). Between the many stars in Rome three were memorable - American Wilma Rudolph (3 titles) and Russian heavyweight lifter Yury Vlassov. From Pallazo dello Sport started the great career of the boxing champion Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali).